This mural was my first collaboration with a child artist. We discussed the design and she assisted with the drawing and painting

Sea World Mural, 2008

Your wall can be a canvas too. Commissioned wall murals range in price depending on size and composition. typical price range - $500 - $900

Canyon Mural  2012

This landscape painting was inspired by Radiator Springs, a fictitious town from Disney’s Cars 2. The object was to focus on a landscape mural that would outlive the toddler years. The Route 66 road leads to a simple town amid the rough, eroded rock canyon terrain and thirsty cacti.

Peace Valley Mural, 2015

Clover Salon Mural

This mural was painted in the summer(2011) for the pedicure area inside Clover Salon of Plymouth.

Commissioned paintings for Clover Salon, Lady with a Mirror and Lady with a Fan.

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