my art will have its own place

and my quiet space will have my art

nothing fancy

  can’t afford a spot

  with a white collar

Something small and quaint

   One of a kind, like me

wising up

to my aspirations

and my inner self

The walls are wanting

kids handprints already in the corner

Color in the cabinets

Brushes on the yard sale table

20 lbs. of clay on the floor



has come

my art has a place

my space has my art

one day


bring your open minded heart

Your yearning

for “your” self art

to visit

something unlike  a mall

One of a kind  

like Me                                                sharlene Welton

                                                                            jan. 2011

Peony Triptych, 2015

Copyright © 2016 Sharlene Welton