The Wild Beasts Studio offers classes taught by a state certified teacher, Sharlene Welton.

You can register for private, semi-private or small group classes.

Please contact Sharlene at

Class Fees

$40 for a private lesson - 90 minutes

$35 per student for semi-private lessons - 90 minutes

$30 per student for a class with at least 4 students, 90 minutes, all students working on the same


At this time, the studio is open "by appointment only". Thank you for your interest!


Sharlene Welton, Artist

Copyright © 2016 Sharlene Welton

Birch Trio

Green With Envy, 12 x 18

Moon over Monet, 9 x 12

Great Balls of Fire

Use Your Marbles,

9 x 12

Slothing, 12 x 18

Vasarely Op Art, Student Works

Pastel by student, Will Randall

Empty Bowls,  student work

Ceramic Clay Pockets

Dreaming Child

Picasso Portrait

Classes Available Offsite

In July, 2012, I taught three art classes at the South Lyon Library. Students created several fine art projects: The “Nine of Hearts” was inspired by Jim Dine’s Hearts. Students used heart stamps, oil pastels and watercolors to produce beautiful art pieces. The “Dreaming Children, Dogs, or Cats” collage was inspired by Eric Carle. Students used patterned ink rollers, oil pastels, and special papers to create their collage-type works of art. “Signs of Peace” was inspired by Andy Warhol’s pop art. Students creatively used peace stamps, ink, color wheels, and oil pastels.

Dreamer by Owen



Signs of Peace by Anna

Signs of Peace by Quinn

Claire's Dreaming Dog

Isabella's Dreamer

Jacob's Hearts

Shannon's Nine of Hearts

Michael's Hearts

Exploring Shapes and Color